abrasion+tat+mouth+insomnia+porn+button=monky nopokemeo (pronounced no-poke-eh-mee-oh) is where the Monky goes to navel gaze and tell the world.

Monky (pronounced mon as in monster -kee as in key) is a twentysomething individual based in the UK. She takes great pleasure in collecting information on a wide variety of topics so that through analysis of this data she hopes to gain a better understanding of the surrounding environment. This brings great comfort.

Monky is a qualified teacher with art her specialist subject.

This page like the rest of the site was written by me, the Monky. Now I can stop writing in the third person... Posts that summarise myself and my life can be found thusly: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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I really enjoy eating both cooked and frozen fish fingers. Mmmm.

I am in favour of the legalisation of prostitution, and I am pro-pornography, pro-choice and anti-death penalty.